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Sysmon - lightweight platform monitoring for Java VMs


Sysmon is a lightweight platform monitoring tool. It's designed to gather performance data (CPU, disks, network, etc.) from the host running the Java VM. This data is gathered, packaged, and published via Java Management Extensions (JMX) for access using the JMX APIs and standard tools (such as jconsole or jmxtrans).

Sysmon can be run as a standalone daemon or as a library to add platform monitoring to any application.

Currently, Linux is the only platform for which monitoring has been implemented. However, building new or porting existing monitors to other Unix or Unix-like platforms should be pretty straightforward.

Get it

  • Clone via github - git clone git@github.com:palantir/Sysmon.git
  • Download latest official release: 0.9-prerelase

Build it from source

Sysmon uses maven to manage its external dependencies and handle building the software from source. It should build on any system that has maven and a proper JDK installed; however, unit tests will only attempt to run on Linux (as they are Linux-dependent).

To build the project, just go into the top-level directory and type mvn. Output of the build will be in a created directory named target/dist.