UX: Alter daterange picker UI to show startmonth/endmonth instead of two consecutive months #432

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Actual behavior

Currently the daterange picker looks like this:

In the field, users often want to select a date range from today to a date far in the future (like the next full calendar year). Like so:

Example 1
  1. select start date
  2. selected end date
  3. change month
  4. select end date (FAIL) This doesn't work because is starts a new range.
Example 2

A user wants to search say... 3 years in the past. They navigate the left cal to 2014 (of the current month) and select today's date. Then they go to the right calendar to click today's date (of this year, because that's what it looked like a second ago).

They get confused that the right calendar has updated (and sometimes they don't notice because they were so sure that it wasn't going to change).

Expected behavior

Furthermore, many users first impression was that the two months represented separate startdate/enddate calendars.

Preferably, there should be an optional mode where the two calendar months are disconnected, allowing the user to easily select start date in one and end date in the other.

Further, the calendars could have some minor coordination to make sure the left calendar is always chronologically before the right one.

@haosharon Created a copy of daterangepicker that does this on GHE. That might be a good place to start.

@leebyp leebyp self-assigned this Jan 19, 2017
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