An Eclipse plug-in for linting TypeScript code.
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Eclipse TSLint Plug-in

An Eclipse plug-in for linting TypeScript code using tslint.


  1. Install Node.js.
  2. Open Eclipse and go to Help-Install New Software.
  3. Add the update site:
  4. Reboot Eclipse.

Enabling the Builder

  1. From the Navigator view, right-click on a project containing TypeScript files.
  2. Select Configure-Enable TSLint Builder.

Configuration File

The plugin expects the configuration file tslint.json to be present in the project's root directory. If no such file is present, then create .settings/com.palantir.tslint.prefs and add configPath=<path to tslint.json>.


  1. git clone
  2. Run npm install --prefix com.palantir.tslint com.palantir.tslint in the root directory of the project to install npm dependencies.
  3. In Eclipse, right-click on the eclipse-tslint project and select Debug As - Eclipse Application.

Building the Eclipse Update Site

mvn clean install
The update site will be in com.palantir.tslint.p2updatesite/target/repository.