a Gradle plugin that uses `git describe` to produce a version string.
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Git-Version Gradle Plugin

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When applied, Git-Version adds two methods to the target project.

The first, called gitVersion(), runs the JGit equivalent of git describe to determine a version string. It behaves exactly as the JGit git describe method behaves, except that when the repository is in a dirty state, appends .dirty to the version string.

The second, called versionDetails(), returns an object containing the specific details of the version string: the tag name, the commit count since the tag, the current commit hash of HEAD, and an optional branch name of HEAD.


Apply the plugin using standard Gradle convention:

plugins {
    id 'com.palantir.git-version' version '<current version>'

Set the version of a project by calling:

version gitVersion()

You can get an object containing more detailed information by calling:

def details = versionDetails()
details.branchName // is null if the repository in detached HEAD mode


This plugin adds a printVersion task, which will echo the project's configured version to standard-out.


This plugin is made available under the Apache 2.0 License.