📐 A library for manipulating text in SVG elements.
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SVG Typewriter

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SVG Typewriter is a library for measuring, manipulating, and writing text on SVG. The svg text spec indicates that "SVG performs no automatic line breaking or word wrapping", meaning that developers normally need to write their own code to accomplish this; SVG Typewriter aims to make this entire process easier.

SVG Typewriter is based on D3.js.


  • Measurers efficiently measure the size of a piece of text when written to a particular SVG element, taking into account the CSS styles affecting that text.
  • Wrappers calculate how best to fit text into a given space, based on results from the Measurer.
  • Writers write text to a given SVG element based on specified options such as alignment, rotation, and animation.

In general, users will primarily interact with Writers, although they will need to instantiate Measurers based on specific SVG elements so that the library can perform accurate measurement and wrapping. Users can set options on Wrappers to control the wrapping behavior.


npm install --save svg-typewriter

Example Usage

import { Measurer, Wrapper, Writer } from "svg-typewriter";

// Create a Measurer based on the element we want to write into.
// Passing in the intended element allows accurate measurement based on the CSS
// styles that will actually be applied to that element.
const measurer = new Measurer(svg);

// Create a Wrapper with default options.
// A wrapper calculates how to break text to fit in a given space and returns
// the wrapped text as strings. Wrappers do not directly write the wrapped text.
const wrapper = new Wrapper();

// Create a Writer.
// A Writer uses the supplied Measurer and Wrapper to best decide how to fit
// text in a given space, then writes the wrapped text to a given element.
const writer = new Writer(measurer, wrapper);

// Set write options.
const writeOptions = {
  selection: svg,
  xAlign: "left",
  yAlign: "top",
  textRotation: 0

// write the text to the element.
writer.write("Hello World!", width, height, writeOptions);

See the docs for more detailed examples.