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Install aria2 to use this module

apt-get install aria2 , yum --enablerepo=rpmforge install aria2 -y


Each function returns one of the three values OK, ERR, INPR. OK for sucessful download ERR for error downloading INPR for in-progess download. if INPR encounterd call the same function with same parameters to resume download.

Usage Example

use Aria;

my $x =;
my $proc = start {
  my $res = $x.get(".", "");
  say "Download Complete" if $res eq "OK";
say "Do other work";
await $proc; # download in separate process to do other work while downloading

###  functions
$x.get($dir, $link) # downloads http(s), ftp, magnet, torrent, metalink to $dir directory
$x.get-limit($dir, $link, $speed) # downloads at limited speed, give speed in string format eq: "200k"
$x.get-multi($dir,$link1,$link2, $link3, $link4);
#get-multi is to download the same file from different servers, pass 2 or more links
$x.get-concurrent($dir, $link, $num); # downloads $link using $num connections to host

# Example_________________________
my $link1 = "";
my $link2 = "";
my $link3 = "";
my $res = $x.get-multi("./Mint", $link1, $link2, $link3);
say "Download Complete" if $res eq "OK";

# _______________
my res = $x.get-limit("./mint","","250k");
say "Download Complete" if $res eq "OK";
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