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A list of awesome idiomatic code resources. Rust, Go, Erlang, Ruby, Pony and more
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Best Practices Checklist

Table of Contents

What is this

This is a collection of language specific resources that can be used to look up the best practices followed by a particular language's community.

Why this repo

I am a programming language enthusiast and I like picking up new languages all the time. Like most curious devs I learn different languages by implementing some side projects using them. This can be achieved by writing quick hacks that mostly turn out to be ugly code but if we want our projects to be publicly available to be used or hacked on by others we must ensure that the code we write is idiomatic and easily understood.

The purpose of this repo is to serve as a collection of resources that one can quickly look up while building such projects to make sure that their code is idiomatic before they make it public.

What counts as an acceptable entry

It could be anything from articles to books to videos that describes:

  • how to write idiomatic code in a particular language
  • what build systems / package managers to use and the best practices surrounding these aforementioned tools
  • how to good write unit/integration tests
  • different styles and idioms of a language
  • software design in general etc
  • new language section (if you find that the resources for your favourite language are missing feel free to create a new section and add them)

Note: If you are adding a book to the list make sure that it is a free ebook. Amazon links to buy books will not be accepted.

Language Specific Resources








Common Lisp










General API Design and Tooling

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