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@@ -36,6 +36,34 @@ This library does not work on it's own - it needs some help from outside.
* getReuseBoxEditor() returns the editor class for reusable boxes.
* update() performs needed database updates.
## hooks
Grid is hookable at several points.
### Rendering
- **will_render_grid** fires before grid is rendered. Is first rendering hook.
- **did_render_grid** fires after grid was fully rendered. Is last rendering hook.
- **will_render_container** fires before a container is rendered but after will_render_grid
- **did_render_container** fires after a container was fully rendered but before did_render_grid
- **will_render_slot** fires before a slot is rendered but after will_render_container
- **did_render_slot** fires after slot was fully rendered but before did_render_container
- **will_render_box** fires before a box is rendered but after will_render_slot
- **did_render_box** fires after box was fully rendered but before did_render_slot
### Data manipulation
- **createGrid** fires when new grid was created
- **publishGrid** fires when grid revision changes state from draft to publish
- **cloneGrid** fires when grid was cloned to new grid
- **destroyGrid* fires before grid will be deleted
- **save_container** fires before container stats are persisted
- **delete_container**
- **save_slot** fires before slot stats are persisted and if box is added to or removed from slot.
- **save_box** fires before new data is persisted
- **delete_box** fires before box is deleted
## License
GPL v3 - see license.txt

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