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palava report

What is this?

This is a web app collecting information about working and non-working palava sessions. It tries to help maintaining interoperability and identify browsers and/or operating systems combinations which are not working.

Reports are collected about direct connections (PeerConnections) between two participants. Multiple reports can be created for rooms with more than two participants.

Data Structure

Each report represent a failed or successfull connection between two palava clients. It contains information about the palava software version, the software on the client side and the connection quality.

time: timestamp

portal-revision: "git revision"
client-revision: "git revision"

    type: "local" | "internet" | "mobile"
    known-to-work: true | false

            name: "string"
            major: "major version"
            version: "string"

            name: "string"
            major: "major version"
            version: "string"

        device: "string"

        quality: 0-10 (0 is not working)

                "video" | "audio" | "peerconnection" | "no access request" | "design" | "other" | ..

        comments: "string"

Information about browsers, operating systems and device type is parsed using ua-parser.

Report Workflow

Reports are (hopefully) generated in a two step process. In the first step one of the participants creates the report. This is done with an Ajax call to /create_report.json POSTing the following data (for more information about the values see above):

portal_revision: hash
client_revision: hash
network_type: string
known_to_work: true | false
user_agent: navigator.userAgent
quality: 0-10
errors: one or multiple error strings
comment: string

The server will respond with a JSON object containing an id which should be transmitted to the client on the other side of the connection the report is about. This client should then POST the following data to /extend_report.json:

id: id of the report created by the other client
user_agent: navigator.userAgent
quality: 0-10
errors: one or multiple error strings
comment: string

There might be reports which are not extended by the second client. The user should be encouraged to transmit the information because only reports with data about both sides are really valuable.

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