Anorak's Adventure for the Atari 2600
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Anorak's Adventure

This is a modification to Warren Robinett's classic game Adventure for the Atari 2600. It represents the version that the character Wade Watts plays at the end of the novel Ready Player One by Ernie Cline.

Instead of finding the signature that the original author placed in the game, Wade finds a large white egg which triggers the end of the contest, with a "blinding white flash of light".

In this version, finding the egg results in pins 1-4 of the right joystick port being pulled to ground. This signal triggers yet other events...


Anorak's Adventure was conceived entirely by Evan Allen. He doing all the hardware, and everything else downstream of the Atari. I am only doing the game code hacking.


This codebase can be built with the venerable dasm assembler, using a command line such as

dasm AnoraksAdventure.asm -oAnoraksAdventure.bin -lAnoraksAdventure.list -f3


Ideally, you will seek out the one true Atari 2600 at the i3Detroit MakerSpace, or a nearby event. But you can also play it on a real Atari, or in an emulator such as Stella.