SDK and Sample API for the GrooVe IP API written in Kotlin
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GrooVe IP Commercial API Kotlin

This projecct contains a limited SDK and Sample Android pp for the GrooVe IP API written in Kotlin. The primary purpose of this project is to provide working examples of making calls to the GrooVe IP API as well as computing each calls hash value in Kotlin.


This app as written using as few 3rd-party libraries as possible, most notably with regards to HTTP requests and handling JSON. As of this version the only non-Google/Android dependency included is Mockito for testing.

Getting Started

In order to ues this project you will have to get a Client Id and API Seccret from SNRBLabs.

Once you have a Client Id and API secret, clone this project and modify the corresponding fields in the ApiClient.kt file as shown below

object ApiClient {

    val secret = "your api secret"
    val clientId = 1; //change this to your integer client Id

Endpoint Examples

Three API endpoints are used in this project

  1. List - returns a list of phone numbers by area code
  2. Reserve - purchases an available number and adds it to your inventory
  3. Inventory - lists numbers you have purchased