React client for Escape from /dev/null
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React client for the Escape from /dev/null competition. It saves all the level information in localStorage, so if you close your browser, you still have a map and where are monsters.

screenshot of the game


  • duplicate session-key.example.js into session-key.js and add your key
  • npm install
  • npm install -g watchify
  • watchify src/all-that-is.jsx -o build/bundle.js
  • open index.html

Keyboard Shorcuts

  • up/down/left/right - move straight
  • w/a/s/d - dig
  • i/o/k/l - move diagonally
  • z/x - up/down staircase
  • p - planeshift
  • g - get an item


  • show inventory
  • drop
  • use
  • dig
  • unwield
  • repair inventory items
  • clicking on a cell in the map gives me details about characters, the cell type and items there
  • allocate points by clicking on a skill
  • when a monster is killed, show a notification in the console
  • show a level up notification if I have level points
  • highscores by issuing getHighScores in the console
  • planeshift

Bugs Awesome Features

  • the map is reversed... but the UI fits in one screen :-P