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EWOCvj2 is one of few VJ applications that is open source. As such its in the prefect position for becoming THE standard free VJ program. I say "becoming" because I will need a lot of help before this will become true. Are you looking for a challenge in a project thats aiming high? I already extend my thanks to you!

Following these guidelines helps to communicate that you respect the time of the developers managing and developing this open source project. In return, they should reciprocate that respect in addressing your issue, assessing changes, and helping you finalize your pull requests.

Keep an open mind! Improving documentation, bug triaging, or writing tutorials are all examples of helpful contributions that mean less work for you.

EWOCvj2 is an open source project and we love to receive contributions from our community — you! There are many ways to contribute, from writing tutorials or blog posts, improving the documentation, submitting bug reports and feature requests or writing code which can be incorporated into EWOCvj2 itself.

Please, don't use the issue tracker for [support questions]. At the moment these should be done through email at

Ground Rules

This includes not just how to communicate with others (being respectful, considerate, etc) but also technical responsibilities (importance of testing, project dependencies, etc). Mention and link to your code of conduct, if you have one.


  • Give priority to crossplatform compatibility, since EWOCvj2 might become available for Mac or Linux also some day.
  • Create issues for any major changes and enhancements that you wish to make. Discuss things transparently and get community feedback.
  • Keep feature versions as small as possible, preferably one new feature per version.
  • Be welcoming to newcomers and encourage diverse new contributors from all backgrounds. See

Your First Contribution

Here are a couple of friendly tutorials: and

Working on your first Pull Request? You can learn how from this free series, How to Contribute to an Open Source Project on GitHub.

At this point, you're ready to make your changes! Feel free to ask for help; everyone is a beginner at first 😸

If a maintainer asks you to "rebase" your PR, they're saying that a lot of code has changed, and that you need to update your branch so it's easier to merge.

Getting started

For something that is bigger than a one or two line fix:

  1. Create your own fork of the code
  2. Do the changes in your fork
  3. If you like the change and think the project could use it: * Note the EWOCvj2 Code of Conduct. * Send a pull request.

Small contributions such as fixing spelling errors, where the content is small enough to not be considered intellectual property, can be submitted by a contributor as a patch.

As a rule of thumb, changes are obvious fixes if they do not introduce any new functionality or creative thinking. As long as the change does not affect functionality, some likely examples include the following:

  • Spelling / grammar fixes
  • Typo correction, white space and formatting changes
  • Comment clean up
  • Bug fixes that change default return values or error codes stored in constants
  • Adding logging messages or debugging output

How to report a bug

If you find a security vulnerability, do NOT open an issue. Email instead.

Otherwise, report a bug by submitting an appropiate GitHub issue.

How to suggest a feature or enhancement

EWOCvj2 strives to be a feature complete VJ app supporting both basic straightforward video mixing and (in the future) complex programmable node project setup.

Suggest anyhting missing that you would appreciate or like from other programs, we want to be a complete package.

You can do a request by submitting an appropriate GitHub issue.

Code review process

I, as core developer, review code and consider inclusion.


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