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Recent enhancements and bugfixes to the Paleobiology Database. To report bugs with the website or data service, please email

Version 2.00

System changes

  • On 11/30/2016 A new version of the PBDB backend and web interface was launched. Now called Version 2, this version is supported by a true web application framework in conjuction with Wing, a modern web services toolkit. The result is greater efficiency, security and modularity of the system as a whole together with access to a host of advanced built-in features.

GUI changes

  • New global menubar with active reference indicator and Taxon quick search
  • Numerous improvements to formatting and display of forms and output.

Added a new user-management system

  • Authorizers have direct management control of enterers and students.
  • Added password security.
  • Optional addition of ORCID to user record.
  • Advanced user management tools for the database administrators.
  • Clarified database roles as Authorizer, Enter, Student and Guest.
  • Automated sign-up (new account) and role promotion mechanisms.
  • New user settings pages
  • CAPTCHA question-response system to prevent bot signups

Main menu changes

  • Changed the main menu layout which is now contextual based on users database role.
  • New global header menu with additional features and menu choices.

Front (aka Splash) page changes

  • Improved the layout of the front page.
  • Added a link to the changelog.
  • Added database search links to front page.

Navigator diversity curve generator changes

  • Added "save image" function.
  • Added temporal and taxonomic resolution options.
  • Changed layout.

Data Service Updates

  • Added a lookup table of geoplate_id and tectonic plate names to the definitions route.
  • Added the ability to include private data in a download request
  • Removed legacy download forms as the modern data service is more powerful, efficient and includes all of the same functionality.

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the paleocoordinate rotations to use a single EarthByte model. It formerly used a mixture of two models, which was creating erroneous results.
  • Wright et al. (2013) Towards community-driven paleogeographic reconstructions: integrating open-access paleogeographic and paleobiology data with plate tectonics. Biogeosciences 10:1529-1541