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			* Slide My Text ! *
Slide presentations from plain text files ! Image slide shows and multimedia playback during presentation also supported.

A live demo can be found at the following link

Slide My Text ! creates slide presentations in your browser from plain text files. You can also add images for slide show and 
play multimedia files during the presentation.

To create a new slide draw a new line with 4 or more * (asterisks) or - (hyphens), like this:


	* About the app *

That's it . Now a new slide is created with title 'About the app'. Slide titles are optional and only first line within asterisks in
a new slide is considered for slide titles. If start and end asterisks are missing in the first line it is displayed as normal slide point.

One or more blank lines creates a new slide point. 

one long line 
into multiple lines 
with newlines like this, 
will not create new points. It
will be a part of the same slide point. 
This is for convenience purposes
as people like to format a 
long line by breaking into small pieces.

Only one or more blank like this creates a new slide point. 

	- Bullet point is created by adding a - (hyphen) at the start of the point like this one.

	-- Highlight point is created by adding  -- two consecutive hyphens  at the start of the point like this one.

Slide controls can be accessed by hovering over the mouse to the bottom of the screen.

There are some useful features like presentation mode, image slide show, multimedia playback, slide switching etc.

One can be liberal with their white spaces and newlines in their text files while formatting depending on their convenience.

Refer to the How-To guide section for a more detailed information on the app.

This project can also viewed at the following Mozilla Dev Derby page


	* Try with this Read me text file *
You can start exploring this app by adding this README.txt file to the app. 

This app was first created for 2013 July Mozilla Dev Derby and won 3rd place.

-- Have fun with Slide My Text !


Slide My Text ! is an app to create slide presentations from plain text files. Image slide show and multimedia playback during presentation also supported








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