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don't hate

Resultados de las Oct. 2013 Buenos Aires elecciones. Live at Later appeared in a print edition of La Nacion as well as on its website.

Getting started

Create a virtualenv to store all the code in a nice tupperware container.

$ virtualenv election-2013

Jump into it.

$ cd election-2013
$ . bin/activate

Clone the repository.

$ git clone repo

Jump into it.

$ cd repo

Install the other Python dependencies.

$ pip install -r requirements

Fire up the Flask server that hosts our development pages.

$ python
# Visit http://localhost:8000 in your browser and check it out.

To flatten the Flask site so it can be hosted without a server as static files.

# This will update the files in the ./build directory
$ python

Who to blame

don't hate

This code was developed at Data Fest 2013 in Buenos Aires by Team Palermo Hollywood.