Tactical starship combat MMO
C++ NSIS HTML Lua C Clarion Other




  • Windows 7/8/10
  • Visual Studio 2005


Running the Client:

  • Open the solution, DarkSpace/DarkSpace.sln, compile the solution.
  • Set the working directory for debugging to /DarkSpace (the same directory containing the Data/) directory.
  • Add "-login [user] [pass]" to the command line options and provide your username/password from the gamecq server.
  • Add "-connect [host] [port]" to specify the server to connect into.

Running a Server:

  • Open the solution, DarkSpace/Server.sln, compile the solution if needed.
  • Set the working directory to /DarkSpace
  • Set the DarkSpaceServer project as the start project, the command line options will specify the server config file to load.


  • master is the main release branch, only HOTFIX's will be pushed into this branch directly.
  • develop is the main development branch, this branch is compiled nightly and pushed to the DarkSpace beta servers.
  • All pull requests should be made against the develop branch. Once a pull request is made, a administrator will review the code/data changes and make notes if changes are needed.
  • Follow the coding standards of the code base. Pull requests that don't follow the coding standard will not be pulled.
  • Use the issues to communicate between all developers.