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Medusa Engine - Copyright (c) 1999 - 2009 Palestar Inc See license.txt for licensing information.


  • - This file that you are currently reading.
  • Medusa.sln - Visual Studio Solution to compile the base binaries.
  • Audio/ - Audio System abstraction.
  • AudioDS/ - DirectSound implementation of the audio system.
  • Bin/ - All executables & DLL's are compiled into this directory.
  • Debug/ - Debugging support.
  • Display/ - Rendering abstraction.
  • DisplayD3D/ - Direct3D implementation.
  • DisplayGL/ - OpenGL implementation (not completed).
  • Docs/ - Documentation.
  • Draw/ - Drawing code.
  • Factory/ - Object factory system.
  • File/ - File access code.
  • GCQ/ - GameCQ client-side code.
  • GUI3D/ - GUI code.
  • Math/ - Vector, Matrix, and Quanterinion classes.
  • Movie/ - Movie player abstraction.
  • MovieDS/ - DirectShow implementation.
  • Network/ - Networking code for sockets, client, and server classes.
  • Reflection/ - C++ reflection system.
  • Render3D/ - high-level 3D system (i.e. meshes, particle systems)
  • Resource/ - Resource/Asset management.
  • SelfUpdate/ - Library for self updating applications.
  • Standard/ - Common code.
  • System/ - Platform abstraction.
  • SystemWin/ - Windows implementation.
  • ThirdParty/ - ThirdParty libraries & code.
  • Tools/ - Game editing tools.
  • UnitTest/ - UnitTest console application for testing various systems.
  • World/ - World management including client & server implementations.


  • This engine currently requires Visual Studio 2017 to compile.

Quick Start:

  • Open the Medusa.sln found in the root directory, this solution will compile the core medusa files.
  • Open Tools/Tools.sln next and build, this will build the base "Resourcer" tool.
  • Once "Resourcer" is built when you run it for the first time, it will prompt you for the "Port" files. "Ports" are short for importer exporter.