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README for Travel compare

This isn't really a proper readme yet, more a "here's some notes". Patches for this as well as 
everything else are very welcome (send them to This project was originally 
generated as part of the EcoMo '09 developer sprint.


* Copy tc.ini.example to tc.ini
* Copy a Yahoo AppID (you can get one by registering your own copy of the app at to the yahoo_id. 
* Copy a Mapquest AppID (registration at to mapquest_key
* Download the AppEngine environment from and run the 
  development server ( to get
  the system running on your local machine.

One TODO item is making this work without all that setup....

Technical details
I used the <a href="">Yahoo Geocoding API</a> 
to get locations from whatever strings users gave me, then scraped 
<a href="">Google Maps</a> for travel distances (admittedly for cars, 
but a reasonable first approximation to trains). Using the <a href="">AMEE data</a>
for carbon footprints, I could then get approximate CO<sub>2</sub> values for planes/trains (assuming
there's trains everywhere, and airports outside your front door). I then scraped
<a href="">ebookers</a> for plane times/prices (bit unreliable and darn 
slow, but got some data). I also used's data for "bottles of beer equivalents" to the CO<sub>2</sub>.
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