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series {
name: "365tomorrows"
description: "365 Tomorrows"
startPage: ""
titlePattern: "<h1><a href=\"[^\"]+\" rel=\"bookmark\" title=\"Permanent Link to [^\"]+\">(.+?)</a></h1>"
contentPattern: "<span class=\"entryBy\">(.+?)<div style=\"clear:both;\"></div>"
nextPattern: "Next Story &middot; <a href=\"([^\"]+)\">"
series {
name: "TalesOfMu"
description: "Tales of Mu"
author: "Alexandra Erin"
startPage: ""
titlePattern: "<div class=\"date\"><h2>(.+?)</h2>"
contentPattern: "<div class=\"entry\">(.*?)<center>"
nextPattern: "<a href=\"([^\"]+)\" rel=\"next\">"
series {
name: "hpmor"
description: "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality"
author: "Eliezer Yudkowsky"
startPage: ""
titlePattern: "<div id=\"chapter-title\">([^<]+)<"
contentPattern: "<div style=\'\' class=\'storycontent[^>]+>(.+?)</div>\n<div id=\"nav-bottom"
nextPattern: "<div class=\"nav-next\"><a href=\"([^\"]+)\""
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