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dh-builddep-metapackage builds build-dep metapackages in order to ease package management for package rebuilders. In effect, it builds a <package name>-builddep package that has no content, but depends on everything that the existing package build-depends on. Most of this can be done with "apt-get build-dep", but I find that I install random packages I need to rebuild something, and then later on I'm wondering why I've got those installed. By using dh-builddep-metapackage to create metapackages, I keep a record in the package management about why I need a particular development package, and can remove the dependant packages when I'm no longer working with the relevant source package.

Standard usage is "dh-builddep-metapackage -b <package name>", which will create the metapackage data and build the package for you using dpkg-buildpackage. A folder called "<package name>-<package version>" will be created in the current local directory, and if an existing folder exists then dh-builddep-metapackage will refuse to overwrite it (unless you give the -o/--overwrite option).

-h, --help show this help message and exit
-o, --overwrite
 Overwrite existing destination folder
-n NAME, --name=NAME
 Maintainer name (Default: whatever you have in DEBNAME)
-e EMAIL, --email=EMAIL
 Maintainer email (Default: whatever you have in DEBEMAIL)
-v VERSION, --version=VERSION
 Use package with specific version (Default: Use highest priority version)
-b, --build Build the package with dpkg-buildpackage
-w, --working-directory
 Use working directory as a source of package data. Assumes we're in a folder with a 'debian' subdirectory

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