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Not Invented Here (a jukebox)
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Not Invented Here (a jukebox)


  • git clone
  • sudo sh scripts/
  • sudo python scripts/

This will create /usr/share/nih, and an Apache site pointing at the most recently deployed version. Default port is 8888, for historical reasons.

See Versioned Deployment for more on how deployment is handled.

By default, the deploy script will wait until the Jukebox is idle (not playing any music) before making any changes, so you can deploy away without any worry of an interruption to the music. Use --help to learn how to change the default settings.

Deploy an update

To deploy new versions:

  • git pull
  • sudo python scripts/

Each time you run deploy a new timestamped directory will be created in /usr/share/nih. A symlink /usr/share/nih/current always points to the most recent deploy, and /usr/share/nih/previous points to the version before (if any).

Rollback a deploy

To rollback just rm -r /usr/share/nih/current, and rename previous to current.

This will rollback the application, as well as the Apache site configuration, but it will not rollback the database. You can do this separtely by running

mysql jukebox < /usr/share/nih/previous/db-backup.sql

Note that if you have already renamed previous to current then db-backup.sql will now be in current.


  • git clone
  • sudo sh scripts/

Bootstrap will

  • Install dependencies using apt-get and pip (the apt-get stage installs pip, if you don't already have it)
  • Create a database and apply migrations to it (you can edit src/ to change the database credentials)
  • Checkout dependencies that are not available as packages using git submodule

You can then develop using the Django development server, or deploy to Apache as above


This is disabled by default. You can enable it by changing settings.LASTFM_ENABLED to true. There are credentials for a 'test_erlang' account in the settings file.

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