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Wordpress plugin for displaying Pull Requests
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Panegyric, n. a public speech or published text in praise of someone or something

Panegyric is a Wordpress plugin for displaying Github Pull Requests created by a list of organisations and/or users. It's main usage is for an organisation or user to show off all the cool stuff they've done for open source projects.


  1. Follow the automatic plugin installation instructions, searching for "panegyric"

Manual Installation

  1. Check out this repository
  2. Zip up plugins/panegyric
  3. Goto the "Plugins" page of your Wordpress instance, click "Add New", then "Upload Plugin".
  4. Choose the zip you made in Step 2 and click "Install Now". Activate it once installed.


Simplest form is [github_prs orgs="lshift"] (replace lshift with your Github organisation name).

Additional parameters are supported as follows:

  • orgs: Comma-separated list of organisations. Optional, but if you omit this and users, it won't do anything. Default is ""
  • users: Comma-separated list of users. Optional, but as per orgs, it's kinda recommended. Default is "".
  • limit: Number of Pull Requests to show. Default is 10.
  • format: Format of items. Default is {$updated_at}: "<a href="{$pr_url}">{$pr_title}</a>" was done by <a href="{$user_url}">{$name}</a> for <a href="{$repo_url}">{$repo_name}</a>. The various ${variables} in the default format are all the ones supported currently.

For format, if you want to include " characters, you should write it with single quotes on the outside, and not do escaping. This is actually a Wordpress problem, but it doesn't unfortunately do a nice error message, it just fails!

The list of pull requests is determined as follows:

  1. For every organisation, get all their public users.
  2. Add that to the list of users.
  3. For each user, get all their merged pull requests.
  4. List in reverse date order every Pull Request that's not in the user list or the orgs list. Stop when you hit the limit.

The data for these requests are updated once per day (or when someone clicks the relevant date field on the admin page), via the magic of WP Cron (the standard Wordpress update mechanism). You will need to manually update people when you first add them, but the plugin will bug you about that.

Lists have the CSS class panegyric-list and the items have the class panegyric-item


You can do manual Wordpress development in other ways, but here's a sensible way to do things.

  1. Install Docker and Docker Compose
  2. Run docker-compose up
  3. Goto http://localhost:8080/ and run through the "setup a Wordpress site" wizard
  4. Goto http://localhost:8080/wp-admin/plugins.php and click "activate" on Panegyric
  5. Goto http://localhost:8080/wp-admin/edit.php and edit the "Hello World" page. Try adding [github_prs orgs="lshift"] to the page, saving then going to the "Panegyric Admin" tab under "Tools"


  1. Checkout the SVN repo with svn co svn
  2. Run ./ or BRANCH=tags/<VERSION> ./ to add files to SVN folder

Most everything else is following

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