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Chef bootstrap for Raspberry Pi

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This project creates an auto-updating chef-zero based Raspberry Pi node.

  1. Write a Debian-based image to the SD card for your Pi (I advise the Buster Lite image as a good small base)
  2. SSH into the node (possibly just ssh pi@raspberrypi with password "raspberry" if you're using the defaults)
  3. wget
  4. cat
  • Read the contents of and make sure you understand it before just randomly running something I told you to.
  1. sudo bash
  2. sudo poweroff

You've now got an auto-updating SD card, which you can backup and re-use for other nodes. To configure it, there's a series of files in /boot which is a FAT32 partition, which means it'll get mounted on Linux, OS X or Windows which means you can configure it without having a working Pi.

The following files in /boot are of particular use:

  • wifi.conf - a wpa_supplicant configuration file. For simple configs, the changes should be obvious, but for more complicated settings see the example config
  • chef-url - a git URL to clone that contains Chef cookbooks
  • chef-cookbook - Chef cookbook from the chef-url path to run with chef-client
  • chef-directory - Optional subdirectory of the git repo to run chef commands from

The update_chef daemon will automatically check chef-url/chef-cookbook and run chef-client in chef-zero configuration if it finds a valid set of configuration.

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