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Generates a calendar of all the books for your followed authors on Goodreads. This provides you with information on when they're releasing new books.

Online version is at

Local install

  1. Install NodeJS and Python
  2. Copy config.yml.example to config.yml
  3. Get a Goodreads Developer Key and add the key/secret to config.yml
  4. yarn install
  5. pip install -r requirements.txt
  6. FLASK_DEBUG=true flask run -p 8000
  7. Goto http://localhost:8000/

Heroku install

These steps have already been run to enable

  1. Follow the standard Heroku setup for a Python app but use instead of their example app
  2. Go into the app settings and do the following
    • Make sure both heroku/python and heroku/nodejs are in the Buildpacks list
    • Set FLASK_ENCRYPTION_KEY to something random
    • Set KEY and SECRET to your Goodreads key/secret
  3. Add "Heroku Postgres" to the addons for this app. "Hobby Dev" level is good enough.
  4. Add "Heroku Scheduler" to the addons for this app, and add python to run every so often.
  5. Click "Open app" and make sure the app comes up ok, as the first request does the initial database migrations.