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@palkan palkan released this 09 Nov 09:10
· 63 commits to master since this release


  • Added integration with fx gem.

Now it's possible to use Logidze with schema.rb. Add fx gem to the project, and new migrations will be
using Fx create_function / create_trigger functions.

  • Added .with_full_snapshot to add full snapshots to the log instead of diffs.

Useful in combination with .without_logging: first, you perform multiple updates without logging, then
you do something like with_full_snapshot { record.touch } to create a log entry with the current state.

  • Added #create_logidze_snapshot! and .create_logidze_snapshot methods.


  • Refactored columns filtering.

Renamed --whitelist/--blacklist to --only/--except correspondingly.

The only-logic has been changed: previously we collected the list of columns to ignore at the migration generation time,
now we filter the columns within the trigger function (thus, schema changes do not affect the columns being tracked).

  • Add --name option to model generator to specify the migration name.

When you update Logidze installation for a model multiple times, you might hit the DuplicateMigrationNameError (see #167).

  • Dropped support for Rails 4.2, Ruby 2.4 and PostgreSQL 9.5.