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Ruby Tests Profiling Toolbox
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Ruby Tests Profiling Toolbox

TestProf is a collection of different tools to analyze your test suite performance.

Why does test suite performance matter? First of all, testing is a part of a developer's feedback loop (see @searls talk) and, secondly, it is a part of a deployment cycle.

Simply speaking, slow tests waste your time making you less productive.

TestProf toolbox aims to help you identify bottlenecks in your test suite. It contains:

  • Plug'n'Play integrations for general Ruby profilers (ruby-prof, stackprof)

  • Factories usage analyzers and profilers

  • ActiveSupport-backed profilers

  • RuboCop cops

  • etc.

Of course, we have some solutions for common performance issues too, bundled into the gem.

📑 Documentation

Supported Ruby versions:

  • Ruby (MRI) >= 2.3.0 (NOTE: for Ruby 2.2 use TestProf < 0.7.0)

  • JRuby >=

Sponsored by Evil Martians



Add test-prof gem to your application:

group :test do
  gem 'test-prof'

And that's it)


Check out our docs.

What's next?

Have an idea? Propose a feature request!

Already using TestProf? Share your story!


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.

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