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Changed the path of Resources folder in ModulaRex projects prebuild.x…

…ml so that new style regions are loaded.
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pallarim committed Oct 8, 2010
1 parent 2e9abed commit 12fc96bbefb003beffcd2a2fd28fbf802854b397
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  1. +1 −1 prebuild.modularrex.xml
@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@
<Match pattern="*.cs" recurse="false"/>
<Match path="Properties" pattern="*.cs" recurse="false"/>
<Match path="RexNetwork" pattern="*.cs" recurse="true"/>
- <Match path="RexNetwork/Resources" pattern="*.xml" buildAction="EmbeddedResource"/>
+ <Match path="Resources" pattern="*.xml" buildAction="EmbeddedResource"/>
<Match path="RexParts" pattern="*.cs" recurse="true"/>
<Match path="RexDBObjects" pattern="*.cs" recurse="true"/>
<Match path="addon-modules/ModreX/config" pattern="modrex.ini" copyToOutput="PreserveNewest" buildAction="None" preservePath="true"/>

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