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libite is a set of header-based intrusive containers in C++, originally part of liboco and created as an exercise for the author. It is not meant as a replacement for other, similar template libraries. Requires libace.

The following container templates are currently implemented

  • heap --- Pairing heap implementing inhume & exhume.
  • queue --- FIFO container implementing enqueue & dequeue, plus merge sort and in-place reverse. Replaces order.
  • list --- Doubly-linked list implementing enlist & delist.
  • set --- Disjoint set implementing join, archetype, & dissolve.
  • stack --- LIFO container implementing push & pop.
  • table --- Chained hash table implementing set, get, & bus; user is responsible for providing hash buckets and performing rehashing.
  • tree --- Red-black tree implementing graft & prune, as well as find and efficient iteration via next & prev.

as well as the following utility templates

  • compare --- Generic less-than, equal, greater-than template.
  • link --- Shared pointer wrapper, which asserts that links are removed from a container prior to object destruction.
  • hash --- Generic hash template, implemented as 64-bit FNV-1a.

and the following test programs

  • argsort --- Take program arguments, sort via heap, & write to std::cout.
  • bagofwords --- Take program arguments & write frequency to std::cout.
  • dijkstra --- Read (from, to, cost) tuples on std::cin, perform Dijkstra's algorithm on the graph starting at the lexicographically first node, & write routes plus costs to std::cout.
  • heapsort --- Read ints on std::cin, sort via heap, & write to std::cout.
  • kruskal --- Read (from, to, cost) tuples on std::cin, perform Kruskal's algorithm on the graph, & write edges composing a minimum spanning tree to std::cout.
  • mergesort --- Read ints on std::cin, sort via queue::sorter, & write to std::cout.
  • tarjan --- Read (from, to) tuples on std::cin, perform Tarjan's algorithm on the graph, & write sets of strongly connected components to std::cout, one set per line.
  • treesort --- Read ints on std::cin, sort via tree, & write to std::cout.

With assertions enabled, heap and tree are validated as pre- and post-conditions, which will wreck the algorithmic complexity; to disable, define NDEBUG.

A small test suite is available and can be run via

  • make test

While libite is just a toy, the intention is to continue to add features and new containers.