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-[Pallet]( is used
-to provision and maintain compute nodes, and aims to solve the problem of
-providing a consistently configured running image across a range of clouds. It
-is designed for use from the [Clojure]( REPL, from clojure
-code, and from the command line.
-This repository contains the core pallet crates.
+The pallet crates are now all in their own repositories.
-## Usage
-The simplest way to use these crates is to make your project depend on the
-`pallet-crates-all` artifact (or `pallet-crates-standalone` if you want a
-single jar).
-In order to get fine grained dependency control, you can depend on the
-individual crates that you use.
-## Support
-[On the group](, or #pallet on freenode irc.
-## Installation
-pallet-crates is distributed as a set of jars, and is available in the
-[sonatype repository](
-Installation is with maven, lein, cake, or your favourite maven repository aware
-build tool.
-## License
-Licensed under [EPL](
-Copyright 2010, 2011 Hugo Duncan.

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