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A finite state machine library.

Main concepts

The library provides three state machines that cover four main concepts, or concerns.

The fsm provides a simple state transition table. Transitions are verified against a set of permitted transitions. Optionally transitions run specified functions on entery and exit of a state. The fsm state is a keyword, and is maintained by the caller of the fsm. This state machine is purely functional. The fsm is just for verifying transition validity, and applying on-enter and on-exit functions.

The stateful-fsm uses a fsm internally and provides atomic management of the the state, and arbitrary state-data. Transitions are made by applying an externally supplied function that is a applied to the current state. Optionally transitions run specified functions on entery and exit of a state. Additionally, timeouts are optionally supported on each state. The stateful-fsm records the current state and provides atomic state updates, in addition to the functionality provided by fsm

The event-machine uses a stateful-fsm, and provides a mapping from events to state transitions. Each state is associated with an event-fn that is notified of incoming events. An event is an event keyword, and arbitrary event-data. An event-fn can make any transition permitted by the underlying stateful-fsm.

Finally, the poll-event-machine-fn and event-machine-loop-fn provide a mechanism for running a per state state-fn against the current state of an event-machine.


See tests for now.


Copyright © 2012 Hugo Duncan

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License.

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