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(ns pallet-hadoop.node
(:use [pallet.crate.automated-admin-user :only (automated-admin-user)]
[pallet.extensions :only (phase def-phase-fn)]
[ :only (java)]
[pallet.core :only (make-node lift converge)]
[clojure.set :only (union)])
(:require [pallet.core :as core]
[pallet.crate.hadoop :as h]))
;; ## Hadoop Cluster Configuration
;; ### Utilities
(defn merge-to-vec
"Returns a vector representation of the union of all supplied
items. Entries in xs can be collections or individual items. For
(merge-to-vec [1 2] :help 2 1)
=> [1 2 :help]"
[& xs]
(->> xs
(map #(if (coll? %) (set %) #{%}))
(apply (comp vec union))))
(defn set-vals
"Sets all entries of the supplied map equal to the supplied value."
[map val]
(zipmap (keys map)
(repeat val)))
;; ### Defaults
^{:doc "Map between hadoop aliases and the roles for which they
stand.`:slavenode` acts as an alias for nodes that function as both
datanodes and tasktrackers."}
{:slavenode [:datanode :tasktracker]})
(defn expand-aliases
"Returns a sequence of hadoop roles, with any aliases replaced by
the corresponding roles. `:slavenode` is the only alias, currently,
and expands out to `:datanode` and `:tasktracker`."
(->> roles
(replace hadoop-aliases)
(apply merge-to-vec)))
^{:doc "Set of all hadoop `master` level tags. Used to assign
default counts to master nodes, and to make sure that no more than
one of each exists."}
#{:namenode :jobtracker})
(defn master?
"Predicate to determine whether or not the supplied sequence of
roles contains a master node tag."
(boolean (some hadoop-masters roleseq)))
^{:doc "Hadoop requires certain ports to be accessible, as discussed
[here]( by the folks at Cloudera. We provide
sets of ports that can be merged based on the hadoop roles that some
node-spec wants to use."}
{:default #{22 80}
:namenode #{50070 8020}
:datanode #{50075 50010 50020}
:jobtracker #{50030 8021}
:tasktracker #{50060}
:secondarynamenode #{50090 50105}})
(def role->phase-map
{:default #{:bootstrap
:namenode #{:start-namenode}
:datanode #{:start-hdfs}
:jobtracker #{:publish-ssh-key :start-jobtracker}
:tasktracker #{:start-mapred}})
(defn roles->tags
"Accepts sequence of hadoop roles and a map of `tag, hadoop-node`
pairs and returns a sequence of the corresponding node tags. Every
role must exist in the supplied node-def map to make it past the
[role-seq node-defs]
{:post [(= (count %)
(count role-seq))]}
(remove nil?
(for [role role-seq]
(some (fn [[tag def]]
(when (some #{role} (get-in def [:node :roles]))
(defn roles->phases
"Converts a sequence of hadoop roles into a sequence of pallet
phases required by a node trying to take on each of these roles."
(->> roles (mapcat role->phase-map) distinct vec))
(defn hadoop-phases
"Returns a map of all possible hadoop phases. IP-type specifies..."
[{:keys [nodedefs ip-type]} properties]
(let [[jt-tag nn-tag] (roles->tags [:jobtracker :namenode] nodedefs)
configure (phase
(h/configure ip-type nn-tag jt-tag properties))]
{:bootstrap automated-admin-user
:configure (phase (java :jdk)
(h/install :cloudera)
:reinstall (phase (h/install :cloudera)
:reconfigure configure
:publish-ssh-key h/publish-ssh-key
:authorize-jobtracker (phase (h/authorize-tag jt-tag))
:start-mapred h/task-tracker
:start-hdfs h/data-node
:start-jobtracker h/job-tracker
:start-namenode (phase (h/name-node "/tmp/node-name/data"))}))
(defn hadoop-machine-spec
"Generates a pallet node spec for the supplied hadoop node,
merging together the given base map with properties required to
support the attached hadoop roles."
[{:keys [spec roles]}]
(let [ports (->> roles (mapcat hadoop-ports) distinct vec)]
(merge-with merge-to-vec
{:inbound-ports ports})))
(defn hadoop-server-spec
"Returns a map of all hadoop phases. `hadoop-server-spec` currently
doesn't compose with existing hadoop phases. This will change soon."
[cluster {:keys [props roles]}]
(select-keys (hadoop-phases cluster props)
(roles->phases roles)))
(defn merge-node
"Returns a new hadoop node map generated by merging the supplied
node into the base specs defined by the supplied cluster."
[cluster node]
{:post [(some (partial contains? role->phase-map) (:roles %))]}
(let [{:keys [base-machine-spec base-props]} cluster
{:keys [spec roles props]} node]
{:spec (merge base-machine-spec spec)
:props (h/merge-config base-props props)
:roles (-> roles
(conj :default)
(defn hadoop-spec
"Generates a pallet representation of a hadoop node, built from the
supplied cluster and the supplied hadoop node map -- see
`node-group` for construction details. (`hadoop-spec` is similar to
`pallet.core/defnode`, sans binding.)"
[cluster tag node]
(let [node (merge-node cluster node)]
(apply core/make-node
(hadoop-machine-spec node)
(apply concat (hadoop-server-spec cluster node)))))
(defn node-group
"Generates a map representation of a Hadoop node. For example:
(node-group [:slavenode] 10)
=> {:node {:roles [:tasktracker :datanode]
:spec {}
:props {}}
:count 10}"
[role-seq & [count & {:keys [roles spec props]}]]
{:pre [(or count (master? role-seq))]}
{:node {:roles (merge-to-vec role-seq (or roles []))
:spec (or spec {})
:props (or props {})}
:count (or count 1)})
(def slave-group (partial node-group [:slavenode]))
(defn cluster-spec
"Generates a data representation of a hadoop cluster.
ip-type: `:public` or `:private`. (Hadoop keeps track of
jobtracker and namenode identity via IP address. This option toggles
the type of IP address used. (EC2 requires `:private`, while a local
cluster running on virtual machines will require `:public`."
[ip-type nodedefs & {:as options}]
{:pre [(#{:public :private} ip-type)]}
(merge {:base-machine-spec {}
:base-props {}}
{:ip-type ip-type
:nodedefs nodedefs}))
(defn cluster->node-map
"Converts a cluster to `node-map` represention, for use in a call to
(into {}
(for [[tag {:keys [count node]}] (:nodedefs cluster)]
[(hadoop-spec cluster tag node) count])))
(defn cluster->node-set
"Converts a cluster to `node-set` represention, for use in a call to
(keys (cluster->node-map cluster)))
;; ### Cluster Level Converge and Lift
(defn converge-cluster
"Identical to `pallet.core/converge`, with `cluster` taking the
place of `node-map`."
[cluster & options]
(apply core/converge
(cluster->node-map cluster)
(defn lift-cluster
"Identical to `pallet.core/lift`, with `cluster` taking the
place of `node-set`."
[cluster & options]
(apply core/lift
(cluster->node-set cluster)
(defn boot-cluster
"Launches all nodes in the supplied cluster, installs hadoop and
enables SSH access between jobtracker and all other nodes. See
`pallet.core/converge` for details on acceptable options."
[cluster & options]
(apply converge-cluster
:phase [:configure
(defn start-cluster
"Starts up all hadoop services on the supplied cluster. See
`pallet.core/lift` for details on acceptable options. (All are valid
except `:phase`, for now."
[cluster & options]
(apply lift-cluster
:phase [:start-namenode
(defn kill-cluster
"Converges cluster with counts of zero for all nodes, shutting down
everything. See `pallet.core/converge` for details on acceptable
[cluster & options]
(apply core/converge
(-> (cluster->node-map cluster)
(set-vals 0))
"This'll get you started; for a more detailed introduction, please
head over to"
(use pallet-hadoop.node)
(use 'pallet.compute)
(def ec2-service (compute-service "aws-ec2"
:identity "ec2-access-key-id"
:credential "ec2-secret-access-key"))
(def some-cluster
(cluster-spec :private
{:jobtracker (node-group [:jobtracker :namenode])
:slaves (slave-group 1)}
:base-machine-spec {:os-family :ubuntu
:os-version-matches "10.10"
:os-64-bit true}
:base-props {:mapred-site {:mapred.task.timeout 300000
:mapred.reduce.tasks 50 15
:mapred.tasktracker.reduce.tasks.maximum 15}}))
(boot-cluster some-cluster :compute ec2-service)
(start-cluster some-cluster :compute ec2-service))
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