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2010-07-20 Hugo Duncan <>
* src/pallet/resource/service.clj: fixed start-stop configuration
* src/pallet/resource/remote_file.clj: added :md5-url option
* src/pallet/resource/file.clj: added sed resource
* src/pallet/arguments.clj: added delayed macro
* test/pallet/parameter_test.clj: factored out get-for
2010-07-16 Hugo Duncan <>
* ssh: authorize-key is now incremental
* rubygems: added checking of gem installs
* ruby: added readline support
* nginx: added passenger support
* src/pallet/stevedore.clj: added 'and and 'or
* src/pallet/resource/remote_directory.clj: added :recursive option to remote-directory
* src/pallet/resource/file.clj: changed heredoc EOF to EOFpallet to reduce conflicts
* src/pallet/resource/service.clj: added options for enable and disable of services
* src/pallet/resource/user.clj: added group management
* src/pallet/crate/ruby.clj: added version checking before building in nginx, ruby and rubygems.
2010-06-30 Hugo Duncan <>
* src/pallet/resource/directory.clj: Added directories resource, to enable setting mode and ownership on multiple directories at once.
2010-06-21 Hugo Duncan <>
* remove explicit remote-file arg from pallet.crate.tomcat/deploy, and allow :url, :local-file, :remote-file options as per pallet.resource.remote-file. Remove pallet.crate.tomcat/deploy-local-file
2010-06-10 Hugo Duncan <>
* test/pallet/crate/ssh_key_test.clj: add :no-dir and :comment options to generate-key
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