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Release Notes

Current release is 0.5.0.



  • Add slime commands for lein, load-project, and reload-project These functions work with the lein project.clj file. slime-ritz-lein lets you run lein in the debug vm. slime-ritz-load-project will switch to using the project for the current buffer. slime-ritz-reload-project will reload the current projects dependencies.

  • Add nrepl-ritz-load-project Adds the ability to switch between projects.

  • Add nrepl-ritz-lein Allow running lein tasks in the debug vm.

  • Add nrepl-ritz-reset-repl Command to wipe out user namespaces.

  • Add nrepl-ritz-undefine-symbol to nrepl repl mode map Bound to C-c C-u.


  • Use nrepl completion op by default

  • Fix nrepl-ritz-server-command Hadn't been updated to new cli flags in lein task

  • Remove :jpda profile from lein ritz-nrepl

  • Ensure :jvm-opts are passed to the debug vm The controlling debugger vm is now also started with fixed :jvm-opts

  • Use JDI to talk to debug vm Removes the swank server in the debug vm.

  • Fix ritz-in task for new arg processing in ritz task Fixes #41



  • Fix some type declarations

  • Fix quoting in ritz.jpda/jdi/launch

  • Fix swank-fuzzy-test and add timeout-test

  • Update ritz-nrepl to depend on published leiningen preview10

  • Try and handled expired JPDA references

  • Fix project :nrepl-middleware Removes the need for quoting, and adds the standard ritz-nrepl middleware.

  • Ensure defonce and defmulti add :defonce metadata Fixes #33


  • Add nrepl-ritz-reload-project This command will reload the project.clj file, compute a new classpath, and reset the REPL to run with the new classpath. Creates a new nrepl session, and clears all user namespaces.

  • Add slime-reset-repl Adds slime-reset-repl command, to reset a repl by unloading all user defined namespaces.

    Fixes #36

  • Add ritz.repl-utils.namespaces/ununse to remove a use'd namespace

  • Add a complete middleware using fuzzy-completion

  • Factor out with-timeout into ritz.repl-utils.timeout

  • Add debug option to tracking-eval

  • Factor out source form tracking into r.repl-utils.source-forms

  • Add tracking-eval middleware to ritz-nrepl README

  • Update lein-ritz ritz task to use tools.cli The --no-debug option now allows starting the server without the debugger.

  • Add nrepl-ritz-compile-expression Compiles the top level expression. Bound to C-c C-c.

  • Add tracking-eval nREPL middleware Adds a eval middleware that tracks source forms.

  • Add a defprotocol that caches it's Interface Provides a defprotocol that does not regenerate it's interface unless a chnge in protocol signature is detected.

    Closes #34

  • Move with-compiler-options to ritz.ritz-utils.compile

  • Add feature-cond to ritz.ritz-utils.clojure This allows feature based conditional compilation.



  • Fix display of condition for breakpoints No longer tries to interpret an exception for the breakpoint event. Fixes #26

  • Fix symlink to slime-ritz.el in ritz jack-in payloads Fixes #31

  • send back well formed events to slime

  • Fix connection/set-namespace (called for side effects, but without an atom the namespace was being forgotten and namespace could not be changed) Fixes #29

  • Add guard to all-connections function evaluation. Fixes an exception on closing a swank session.


  • Add functions to return dependencies between namespaces dependent-on returns the sequence of namespaces that are dependent on a namespace. dependencies returns the sequence of namespaces that a namespace depends on.


This is a major refactoring into individual sub-projects, with the introduction of nrepl support.


  • Add nrepl-ritz-jack-in command

  • Add nrepl-ritz-toggle-nrepl-logging Toggles :trace level logging in the nrepl server.

  • Add nREPL complete middleware implementation using simple-complete

  • Add apropos, doc, and describe-symbol nrepl middleware

  • Add javadoc middleware

  • Add a test nrepl transport

  • Add resolve of Java symbols in javadoc using ns-interns

  • Factor out projects for repl-utils, debugger, swank and nrepl

  • Update to nrepl 0.2.0-beta9 and add op metadata

  • Make nrepl-ritz depend on the nrepl elisp package

  • Add port of sldb to nrepl-ritz.el The port isn't completely functional yet, but will allow examination of stacktraces.

  • Disable break on exception by default Adds bindings for C-c C-x b to slime-break-on-exception. With a prefix it will disable break on exception

  • Add nrepl-ritz-undefine-symbol

  • Add nrepl-ritz-javadoc Bound to C-x b, displays javadoc for the symbol at point

  • Refactor thread listing Removes the associng of the thread list onto the context from the ritz.jpda.debug/thread-list function, and pushes it into the swank code.


  • Fix autoloads

  • Fix hooks for lein1


  • use eval-after-load instead of a load-hook This way slime-ritz will initialize properly if slime was already loaded..

  • Remove cake support (no longer depends on useful)

  • Fix markdown formatting



  • Update arglist display to recognise partial

  • Automatically add tools.jar to the classpath

  • Make undefine-function work on namespace refers

  • Make slime-load-file remove old vars

  • Allow C-c C-l to be used in interactive development to clear old definitions on file load

  • Add slime-undefine-function This will unmap any var

  • Initial support for swell restart selection

  • Only block user threads on exceptions, and breakpoints In order to allow code navigation and compilation while at a breakpoint, only suspend user threads.

  • Enable setting of line breakpoints in java code

  • Disable locals clearing when compiling with debug policy

  • Allow for alternative announce message

  • Add ignore restarts for exception throw and catch locations When a stack trace is presented in sldb, it now has restarts to allow ignoring throw and catch locations


  • Make restarts robust to missing locations in exceptions

  • Fix logic for disable-locals-clearing in 1.4.0

  • Fix default exception filters so they actually work

  • Filter the symbols used for arglist lookup

  • Update default exception filters

  • Fix ritz slime-mode hooks

  • Process field when looking javadoc for ClassName/field

  • Update for clojure-1.4 compiler-options

  • Handle case with no catch location in r.j.debug/break-for?

  • Add :source-path to location-data, and recognise SOURCE_FORM as clojure

  • Make eval-region mimic clojure.lang.Compiler/load

  • Add hook to put -sources jars on classpath To use this, add :hooks [ritz.add-sources]

  • Fix eval of strings containing ns forms

  • Add namespace tracking to eval requests Fixes #10

  • Move to lein2 and clojure 1.3.0

  • Remove cake :tasks from project.clj

  • Add imported symbols to fuzzy completion

  • Fix issue with simple class completion

  • Pick up :jvm-opts from project map

  • Switch to separate lein-ritz plugin, with ritz-in functionality

  • Disable exception event requests when retrieving exception messages

  • Ensure *e is set when an exception is thrown


  • Tweak remote-swank-port to try and reduce hangs on startup

  • Add display of data in data carrying exceptions

  • Prevent exception when find-source-path is called with nil source-path

  • Add a shortcut for resuming suspended threads

  • Add update-indentation-information slime function

  • Enable filtering of exceptions on exception message

  • Enable saving and project specific initialisation of exception filters

  • Enable slime-presentations and slime-media

  • Correct instructions about breakpoint setting

  • Fix compilation result message The slime compilation buffer should now work correctly

  • Add guard for incorrect level count

  • Add processing of :repl-init and :repl-init-script to lein task


  • Update readme with section on exception filtering

  • Remove java reflection in logging code

  • Add exception filters The filters can be set by the IGNORE restart, and can be edited in the slime selector using the 'f key.

  • Log issue with inability to send command to connection This occurs on init script processing (not fixed yet)

  • Update to recent pallet versions

  • Add stone excepetion display

  • Put all clojure source dependencies into lein-multi config

  • Display pprint of Stone or Condition exceptions

  • Update readme to explicitly state the OS X doesn't have tools.jar

  • Use clojure.main/with-bindings and flush output

  • Factor out repl-utils/io

  • Update logback versions and use :local-repo-classpath

  • Changes to break-for-exception? and fix swank-clj references

  • Normailse function formatting

  • Update readme to mention openjdk in tools.jar setup, and list the exception that is raised if tools.jar is missing

  • Add note to readme about tools.jar and maven

  • Add pallet script to set up a dev environment for ritz Basic tmux, emacs, git install, with clone of ritz repo


  • Add missing require for clojure.main

  • Rename swank-clj to ritz

  • Update cake task to use flatland/useful, since cake removed its cake.utils namespace.

  • Improve the condition message to show keys for contrib.Condition Extra information is often attached to a Condition, and it is useful to be able to see this in the sldb trace.

  • Ensure autodoc doesn't error on invalid symbols

  • Implement slime autodoc


  • Add debug/pprint-eval-string-in-frame This moves the pretty printing into the debugee

  • Unmangle clojure names for local variables

  • Fix pprint-eval-string-in-frame to correctly output a string

  • Fix generation of nested exceptions on eval-in-frame

  • Fix fuzzy completion of explicitly namespaced symbols

  • Improve filtering of unimplimented arities in disassembly listings

  • Try harder to maintain relative source paths when compiling

  • Stop focussing repl on slime-javadoc

  • Add support for invokePrim Clojure 1.3 introduces a new function invokePrim to handle primitive arguments.

  • disable AOT In order for swank-clj to work across clojure versions, remove the aot.

  • Fix return value of fuzzy-completions when no completions found


  • Add slime-javadoc-local-paths and slime-javadoc slime-javadoc-local-paths can be used to set paths to local javadoc.

    slime-javadoc opens the javadoc for the symbol at point in a browser. It is bound to C-c b by default.

  • Make compile-string-for-emacs more robust Do a better job of finding the namespace for compilation, and don't complain if the namespace is not found (use the repl's current namespace)

  • Add slime-clj-connected-hook and slime-clj-repl-mode-hook When using slime with multiple lists, allow easy segregation of clojure specific setup

  • Implement disassemble-form for slime-disassemble-symbol Enables disassembly of a function given its symbol


  • Fix broken lein swank plugin


Known Issues

  • Broken lein swank plugin


  • Add slime-disassemble to show bytecode for a frame When debugging it is sometimes useful to see the bytecode generated for a function. Pressing 'D' on a frame in the debugger opens a buffer with the bytecode.

  • Propogate compile-path from lein through to debuggee compile-path is required for clojure.core/compile to work, and is depenedent on project setup. Ensure the lien plugin sets compile-path and forward this to the debuggee using the new-connection-hook, and a message with id 0, the reply to which is filtered and not returned to SLIME.

    Fixes #5

  • Add slime-list-repl-forms It is useful to be able to list all forms entered at the repl. slime-list-repl-forms will show these in a new buffer.

  • Remove the atom used for defslimefn defslimefn now just forwards to defn, adding some metadata to the function, and interning the function var into the swank-clj.swank.commands namespace.

  • Fix for clojure-1.3.0-alpha7 Missing import added

  • Add autoload and keybinding for slime-line-breakpoint


  • Fix nth-part and last for inspector

  • Improve robustness of stepping

  • Add breakpoint listing to the slime selector

  • Update 1.2.0 source jar requirements


  • Add support for clojure 1.2.1, and 1.3.0-master-SNAPSHOT.


Initial release.

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