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Ensure encoding related JVM options are passed to the controlling deb…

…ugger vm, refs #62

The swank connection reader should use the encoding specified in the
projects JVM options (-Dswank.encoding=...)
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1 parent fcc3b74 commit 01f664016e168ac541409271ab7e78914320e799 @juergenhoetzel juergenhoetzel committed with hugoduncan Dec 20, 2012
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  1. +3 −2 lein-ritz/src/leiningen/ritz.clj
@@ -102,14 +102,15 @@
(assoc :server-ns
(if debug 'ritz.swank.proxy 'ritz.swank.repl))
(update-in [:log-level] #(when % (keyword %))))
+ jvm-eopts (filter #(re-matches #"^-D(swank|file).encoding.*" %) (:jvm-opts project))
start-project (if debug
(project/unmerge-profiles [:default])
[clojure-profile lein-profile ritz-profile])
(dissoc :test-paths :source-paths :resource-paths)
- (assoc :jvm-opts ["-Djava.awt.headless=true"
- "-XX:+TieredCompilation"]))
+ (assoc :jvm-opts (concat ["-Djava.awt.headless=true" "-XX:+TieredCompilation"]
+ jvm-eopts)))
(project/merge-profiles project [ritz-profile]))]
(eval-in-project start-project (ritz-form project port host opts))))

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