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ritz-nrepl comprises an nREPL server and middleware. The server uses JPDA to provide debugger middleware. The library also provides general purpose middleware, which can be used with any nREPL client, independently of the debugger.


nREPL debugger server usage

Add lein-ritz to the :plugins key of your ~/.lein/profiles file (requires lein version 2).

{:user {:plugins [[lein-ritz "0.5.0"]]}}

Install the nrepl-ritz.el contrib from marmalade. If you are using a SNAPSHOT version of ritz-nrepl, you probably will need to install nrepl-ritz.el from melpa instead.

Note that on Emacs 23 you will need to install package.el.

Once installed, run the server with:

lein2 ritz-nrepl

Then in emacs, M-x nrepl and enter the port printed by the previous command.

nREPL Ritz Emacs Commands

  • C-c C-b: display javadoc for class at point
  • C-c C-u: undefine symbol at point
  • C-c C-c: compile top-level expression at point

nREPL general middleware usage

Add ritz-nrepl to your :dev :dependencies vector, and add the middleware to :nrepl-middleware under :repl-options in `project.clj.

:dependencies [[ritz/ritz-nrepl "0.5.0"]]
:repl-options {:nrepl-middleware [ritz.nrepl.middleware.javadoc/wrap-javadoc]}

Provided nREPL ops

"javadoc" : Returns a url of the javadoc for the specified symbol

"apropos" : Returns a description of each function matching a partial symbol

"doc" : Returns the doc string for the specified symbol

"describe-symbol" : Returns a description of the specified symbol

"complete" : Simple completion

"complete" : Fuzzy completion

"eval" : eval with source form tracking

API Docs


Copyright © 2012 Hugo Duncan

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License.

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