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Stevedore Release Notes

The latest release is 0.7.3.


  • Allow use of deref as a value in a doseq binding


  • Simplify conditional generation The conditional expressions were overly complex and could generate incorrect code in some corner cases. This simplifies the generated expressions and makes them more robust

  • Create a :default implementation for stevedore/emit Improve the error reporting associated with not binding script-language and for un-handled clojure types.

  • Add slingshot version compatibility


  • Make stevedore slingshot version agnostic

  • Fix an issue with splice The unquote splicing form was being transformed into a form with a function literal rather than a symbol

  • Update for clojure-1.3.0 compatability


  • Improve logical test detection Logical test detection was failing when the condition was an unquoted clojure expression.

  • Rename pallet.script.lib to pallet.script.scriptlib This was duplicating a namespace definied in pallet

  • Make shflags completely optional Fixes #16.


  • Add dispatching for script language using *script-language*

  • Add initial support for windows batch scripting

  • Initial support for clojure 1.3 Mark script-fn-dispatch and script-language :dynamic

  • Separated public functions and implementation details. Added documentation.

  • Setup shFlags even with empty arguments, mainly for docstrings

  • Removed possibility of anonymous defn scripts.

  • Added declare-arguments

  • Added support for flag arguments with script defn


This is the initial standalone release. The library has been extracted from the main pallet repository.

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