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Pallet is used to provision and maintain servers on cloud and virtual machine infrastructure, and aims to solve the problem of providing a consistently configured running image across a range of clouds. It is designed for use from the Clojure REPL, from clojure code, and from the command line.

  • reuse configuration in development, testing and production.
  • store all your configuration in a source code management system (eg. git), including role assignments.
  • configuration is re-used by compostion; just create new functions that call existing crates with new arguments. No copy and modify required.
  • enable use of configuration crates (recipes) from versioned jar files.

It uses jclouds to gain portable access to different cloud providers.

Some basic documentation is available.


On the mailing list, or #pallet on freenode irc.


There is an introductory screencast, showing a basic node configuration, and starting and stopping a node.


See the basic usage example in the pallet-examples basic project.

For general help getting started with Clojure, see this guide.


Pallet is distributed as a jar, and is available in the sonatype repository.

Installation is with maven or your favourite maven repository aware build tool.

lein/cake project.clj

:dependencies [[org.cloudhoist/pallet "0.4.13"]
               [org.cloudhoist/pallet-crates-all "0.4.2"]]
:repositories {"sonatype"

maven pom.xml



See also

jclouds, chef, puppet, crane


Licensed under EPL


Copyright 2010 Hugo Duncan.

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