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Switch from jclouds/node-tag (removed in beta 9), and fix use of :env…

…ironment at the service level
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1 parent 47a9c0c commit 8db4adb5c8a6c1f447f8059354f5f5bddeb6734a @hugoduncan hugoduncan committed Mar 9, 2011
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  1. +6 −3 src/pallet/compute/jclouds.clj
@@ -430,10 +430,11 @@
"%14s\t %s %s\n\t\t %s\n\t\t %s\n\t\t public: %s private: %s"
- (jclouds/node-tag node)
+ (jclouds/tag node)
(apply str (interpose "." (map location-string (node-locations node))))
(let [location (.getLocation node)]
- (when (and location (not (= (.getDescription location) (.getId location))))
+ (when (and location
+ (not (= (.getDescription location) (.getId location))))
(.getDescription location)))
(os-string (.getOperatingSystem node))
(.getState node)
@@ -467,7 +468,9 @@
:or {extensions (default-jclouds-extensions provider)}
:as options}]
(logging/info (format "extensions %s" (pr-str extensions)))
- (let [options (dissoc options :identity :credential :extensions :blobstore)]
+ (let [options (dissoc
+ options
+ :identity :credential :extensions :blobstore :environment)]

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