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Release Notes


  • Add repository information for clojars When using zi goals, clojars artifacts were not being resolved. Fixes #11


  • Add nrepl goal The nrepl goal starts a vanilla nREPL server.

  • Add a ritz-nrepl goal Adds a goal for starting a ritz-nrepl server.


  • Respect maven.test.skip in the test task

  • Update to ritz 0.4.1. Now works with ritz 0.3.x and 0.4.x.


  • Update to clojure-maven 0.3.3 to fix line number reporting in compiler. Fixes #10


  • in ring-genfiles, fix handler-source which was not returning wished fn


  • Properly handle classpath for targets running in project classpath The dependencies for codox, marginalia, ritz, and swank-clojure are now handled properly. The zi pom no longer depends on these projects.

  • Automatically add tools.jar to classpath for the ritz task

  • Use leiningen-core for calculating checkout dependency paths Upgrade to clojure 1.3.0 and leiningen-core 2.0.0-preview4

  • Add clojure-maven-mojo as a dependency, and use it's log wrapper

  • Add .ritz-exception-filters to .gitignore

  • Add a test for the test mojo runner

  • Update to marginalia 0.7.0, and run it in the project classpath

  • Remove use of contrib in ring-genfiles Switch to data.xml

  • Unindent pom description for marginalia and codox

  • Update to maven 3.0.4 and aether 1.13


  • Allow exclusion of tests based on a regex Provides a mechanism for disabling clojure.test test namespaces

  • Allow specification of codox output writer

  • Allow explicit specification of codox api version


  • Add support for codoxTargetDirectory

  • Add a codox goal The codox goal can be used to generate api documentation based on the codox project

  • Allow setting of ritz loglevel via a system property Setting ritz.logglevel=:trace will enable ritz logging


  • Allow tests to override core.test/report before redef'ing. Some test frameworks, such as midje register additional defmethods for core.test/report. By requiring the test namespaces before the report var is redef'ed to a function, these test frameworks become supported.

  • Add note about source jars to readme


  • ring gen files : listener-class and servlet-class in web.xml should point to the class file (no '-', use '_' instead)

  • Update to ritz 0.2.0

  • Enforce maven 3.0.3 requirement


  • Update initScript handling in test mojo to handle multiple forms Only the first form was being evaluated.


Adds the ring-genfiles goal for lein-ring compatible Servlet, ServletContextListener and web.xml generation.

  • Fix an issue with keywords used (init and destroy)

  • ring-genfiles formatting, add to readme, and add integration test

  • Add ring-genfiles goal to allow servlet/listener/web.xml generation


  • Fix for non-string used as a test message crashing zi:test


  • Fix an issue preventing the test task from working in clojure-1.3.0 The form passed for portable-redef was being quoted in clojure-1.2, and run in 1.3. The quoting was adding zi.test to the with-redefs symbol.


  • Update for classlojure 0.6.1


  • Remove class files from final jar The mojo extractor was creating class files that were packaged.

  • Add initScript property for test target


  • Fix skipTests handling in test mojo




  • Honour skipTests, and fix for case when no tests defined

  • Add available source jars to classpath


  • Remove superfluous log statement

  • Add sonatype repository to pom


  • Throw a MojoFailureException when tests fail

  • Don't run ritz on pom packaged projects

  • Add testResources goal


  • Ensure tests run inside a clojure.main/with-bindings Code that calls set! on common rebindable vars (such as warn-on-reflection) fails otherwise

  • Fix the classpath elements used in ritz and test


  • Fix resources mojo to write to target/classes


  • Really add marginalia goal

  • Add integration testing


  • Add marginalia goal

  • Factor out overridable-artifact-path


  • Fix mojo/defmojo to actually read the project source paths


  • Add checkouts to ritz and swank-clojure goals

  • Update readme with new goals


  • Allow overriding of ritz and swank-clojure artifacts

  • Add a test goal for running clojure.test tests

  • Add swank-clojure goal

  • Update ritz mojo to use defmojo

  • Add resources goal for copying clojure source

  • Add macro for better mojo definition syntax

  • Add compiler mojo The compile goal compiles clojure source. It respects the options from maven-compiler-plugin.


  • Initial release
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