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Automate building SmartOS hosts on VirtualBox
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A Clojure library designed to ... well, create SmartOS hosts on VirtualBox.


So far only tested on OSX, and it can work on other hosts too, but latest Ubuntu and Debian will have to wait until the VirtualBox guys fix a nasty bug with their java/xpcom library (there is a workaround, ping me if you're interested)

Note: this uses the latest version of vmfest in the develop branch.


  1. Download the latest SmartOS ISO from here and store it somewhere, e.g. /Volumes/DATA/ISOS/smartOS-20130329.iso

  2. create a SmartOS host. Wait for a couple of minutes until it reboots. Do not type anything in the meantime as the keystrokes are scripted for your convenience...

  (use 'vmfest.manager)
  (use 'com.palletops.smartos) 
  (def smarty (smartos-instance (server)
                    "smartos-test-1" ;; vm name 
                    16384 ;; 16GB Disk 
                    4444 ;; ssh port
  1. SSH into your spanking new SmartOS host with:
 $ ssh root@localhost:4444

password is 'vmfest'

  1. once you're done, destroy everything, as if it had never happened.
  (nuke smarty)

NOTE: The Zones disk will be stored in /tmp/ for now...


Copyright © 2013 Antoni Batchelli

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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