A set of utilities for the REPL and beyond (lein maybe?)
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A set of utilities for the REPL and beyond (lein maybe?)

This project is meant to privide facilities for using pallet at the REPL. Pallet's main APIs are meant to be programmed upon, but they are not that user friendly sometimes (e.g. try listing the nodes in a compute provider)

A secondary goal is to make whatever functions here reusable, for example from Leiningen. What this probably means is that for each implemented functionality there will be at least two functions, one that generates the data, and its counterpart that prints the data, in a pretty pretty way.

You, the Pallet user, have a major stake in this project. You are the one dealing with Pallet day to day and finding annoyances here and there. We want your input! Also, we want your help too! This is a perfect project to start contributing to Pallet while scratching your own itch. For this reason, we crave your feature request, but also, we'll splice the work into easy, medium or hard issues, and then you can pick according to your comfort level.

What does this all mean?

This is what we have in mind:

user> (pallet.repl/show-nodes vmfest)
:host-name       | :running? | :primary-ip    | :private-ip
Test-1           | false     |                |            
SmartOS          | false     |                |            
SmartOS from IMG | false     |                |            
ubuntu           | false     |      |            
slaves-1         | true      | |            
jobtracker-0     | true      | |            
slaves-0         | true      | |            

or this:

user> (pallet.repl/running-nodes? ec2-service)


Some bookkeeping

  • This project is in the pallet.repl namespace, and will eventually be folded into Pallet proper.

  • This project uses leingingen 2, for now, and will be pushed to clojars.

  • We use Git Flow to manage the repository. So, releases are on master and the bulk of development happens in feature branches that are folded into develop. Develop should always compile and work. Make sure of it!!!

  • We do high level feature planning using GitHub's issues and milestones. We try to make the milestones thematic, and pin them to a future release. But of course all can be changed.

  • We maintain a ReleaseNotes.md document, for the Release Notes. If you are releasing a new version, make sure you add the new changes into that document.

  • Don't pollute clojars with SNAPSHOTS.


Licensed under EPL

Copyright 2010, 2011, 2012 Antoni Batchelli & Hugo Duncan.