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Riot Chat is a Twitter-IRC-game remix. Riot Chat is an homage to kopimi (copyme), a symbol showing that you want to be copied, and a sandbox for an anti-surveillance communication protocol. Occupy was right: we need to get rid of super managers holding the world down. Since revolutions constantly fail in the streets, we must simultaneously continue to riot the Internet.

Occypy internet gif animations

The avatar gif animations are from the riot of Occypy internet, find more information here .

The Game

Help expand the territory of kopimi (copyme) pyramids by getting rid of eyeballs box. Click, move and communicate.

The Chat and OmniHal

To talk to OmniHal, the chat bot, type /omnihal and then your message OmniHal has a young brain. Feed OmniHal with text i the top right corner. Change the topic of the chat by typing /topix and then the new topic

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