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@@ -23,14 +23,17 @@ for you to the application.
If you want to do that, you first have to import the
:func:`contextlib.closing` function from the contextlib package. If you
want to use Python 2.5 it's also necessary to enable the `with` statement
-first (`__future__` imports must be the very first import)::
+first (`__future__` imports must be the very first import). Accordingly,
+the following lines should be to your existing import lines in
from __future__ import with_statement
from contextlib import closing
Next we can create a function called `init_db` that initializes the
database. For this we can use the `connect_db` function we defined
-earlier. Just add that function below the `connect_db` function::
+earlier. Just add that function below the `connect_db` function in
def init_db():
with closing(connect_db()) as db:

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