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However, keep in mind that any :meth:`~flask.Flask.after_request` functions
are already called at this point so your database connection and
everything involved is probably already closed down.
+Accessing and Modifying Sessions
+.. versionadded:: 0.8
+Sometimes it can be very helpful to access or modify the sessions from the
+test client. Generally there are two ways for this. Ify ou just want to
+ensure that a session has certain keys set to certain values you can just
+keep the context around and access :data:`flask.session`::
+ with app.test_client() as c:
+ rv = c.get('/')
+ assert flask.session['foo'] == 42
+This however does not make it possible to also modify the session or to
+access the session before a request was fired. Starting with Flask 0.8 we
+provide a so called “session transaction” which simulates the appropriate
+calls to open a session in the context of the test client and to modify
+it. At the end of the transaction the session is stored. This works
+independently of the session backend used::
+ with app.test_client() as c:
+ with c.session_transaction() as sess:
+ sess['a_key'] = 'a value'
+ # once this is reached the session was stored
+Note that in this case you have to use the ``sess`` object instead of the
+:data:`flask.session` proxy. The object however itself will provide the
+same interface.

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