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1 parent 3da165f commit 2594602076e223f237a5cf4d0f8742ebc3ad3ab1 @mitsuhiko mitsuhiko committed Jul 26, 2010
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@@ -66,3 +66,15 @@ Flask-Script
Notes: Flask-Actions has some overlap. Consider that when approving
Flask-Actions or similar packages.
+:First Approval: 2010-07-26
+:Last Review: 2010-07-26
+:Approved Version: 0.2.1
+:Approved License: MIT
+There is also Flask-CouchDBKit. Both are fine because they are doing
+different things, but the latter is not yet approved.
@@ -57,22 +57,6 @@ Considered for unlisting, improved version should release as
as a testsuite.
dag Jul 27, 2010 Contributor

I think you meant to remove Flask-CouchDB here.

-:Last-Review: 2010-07-25
-:Reviewed Version: 0.3.1
-Would be fine for approval, but the test suite is not part of the sdist
-package (missing entry in and the test suite does not respond
-to either "make test" or "python test". Furthermore the long
-description in the package index is a little bit too short.
-Package name should be changed to Flask-Mail with the approval to be
-consistent, this might also be the change to improve the API if necessary,
-but I don't see any big design problems there.

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