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Updated instance path documentation to explain the $PREFIX lookup

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@@ -299,25 +299,37 @@ With Flask 0.8 a new attribute was introduced:
version control and be deployment specific. It's the perfect place to
drop things that either change at runtime or configuration files.
-To make it easier to put this folder into an ignore list for your version
-control system it's called ``instance`` and placed directly next to your
-package or module by default. This path can be overridden by specifying
-the `instance_path` parameter to your application::
+You can either explicitly provide the path of the instance folder when
+creating the Flask application or you can let Flask autodetect the
+instance folder. For explicit configuration use the `instance_path`
app = Flask(__name__, instance_path='/path/to/instance/folder')
-Default locations::
+Please keep in mind that this path *must* be absolute when provided.
+If the `instance_path` parameter is not provided the following default
+locations are used:
+- Uninstalled module::
- Module situation:
- Package situation:
+- Uninstalled package::
-Please keep in mind that this path *must* be absolute when provided.
+- Installed module or package::
+ $PREFIX/lib/python2.X/site-packages/myapp
+ $PREFIX/var/myapp-instance
+ ``$PREFIX`` is the prefix of your Python installation. This can be
+ ``/usr`` or the path to your virtualenv. You can print the value of
+ ``sys.prefix`` to see what the prefix is set to.
Since the config object provided loading of configuration files from
relative filenames we made it possible to change the loading via filenames

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