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@@ -23,18 +23,16 @@ importable from ````::
from flask.ext import foo
-Flask < 0.8
+Flask Before 0.8
If you are using Flask 0.7 or earlier the :data:`flask.ext` package will not
exist, instead you have to import from ```` or ``flask_foo``
-depending on how the extension is distributed.
-We recommend importing from ``flask.ext`` even with older versions of
-Flask however. If you have an application that needs to work with
-versions of Flask older than 0.8 you should activate the
-``flaskext_compat`` module which provides the ``flask.ext`` module if
-you activate it. You can download it from github: ``_
+depending on how the extension is distributed. If you want to develop an
+application that supports Flask 0.7 or earlier you should still import
+from the :data:`flask.ext` package. We provide you with a compatibility
+module that provides this package for older versions of Flask. You can
+download it from github: ``_
And here is how you can use it::

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