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@@ -621,6 +621,7 @@ just return strings from the view functions Flask will convert them into
response objects for you. If you explicitly want to do that you can use
the :meth:`~flask.make_response` function and then modify it.
+For this also see :ref:`about-responses`.
Redirects and Errors
@@ -658,6 +659,49 @@ Note the ``404`` after the :func:`~flask.render_template` call. This
tells Flask that the status code of that page should be 404 which means
not found. By default 200 is assumed which translates to: all went well.
+.. _about-responses:
+About Responses
+The return value from a view function is automatically converted into a
+response object for you. If the return value is a string it's converted
+into a response object with the string as response body, an ``200 OK``
+error code and a ``text/html`` mimetype. The logic that Flask applies to
+converting return values into response objects is as follows:
+1. If a response object of the correct type is returned it's directly
+ returned from the view.
+2. If it's a string, a response object is created with that data and the
+ default parameters.
+3. If a tuple is returned the response object is created by passing the
+ tuple as arguments to the response object's constructor.
+4. If neither of that works, Flask will assume the return value is a
+ valid WSGI application and converts that into a response object.
+If you want to get hold of the resulting response object inside the view
+you can use the :func:`~flask.make_response` function.
+Imagine you have a view like this:
+.. sourcecode:: python
+ @app.errorhandler(404)
+ def not_found(error):
+ return render_template('error.html'), 404
+You just need to wrap the return expression with
+:func:`~flask.make_response` and get the result object to modify it, then
+return it:
+.. sourcecode:: python
+ @app.errorhandler(404)
+ def not_found(error):
+ resp = make_response(render_template('error.html'), 404)
+ resp.headers['X-Something'] = 'A value'
+ return resp
.. _sessions:

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