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1 parent da514b3 commit 60e143ecb63df6d820dacb1ac6416e0c73714524 @mitsuhiko mitsuhiko committed Jul 6, 2010
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@@ -10,7 +10,8 @@ Codename to be decided, release date to be announced.
- fixed a bug with subdomains that was caused by the inability to
specify the server name. The server name can now be set with
- the `SERVER_NAME` config key.
+ the `SERVER_NAME` config key. This key is now also used to set
+ the session cookie cross-subdomain wide.
- autoescaping is no longer active for all templates. Instead it
is only active for ``.html``, ``.htm``, ``.xml`` and ``.xhtml``.
Inside templates this behaviour can be changed with the

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